Top Upcoming Android Apps in the New Year



One of the most popular mobile operating system in the world is Android. With a lot of success in the previous years and good software which it has to offer, android is about to release a lot of new applications for this year. A very productive company is offering us a great deal and very good stuff to download for free. From healthy life, fitness instructor, games, reminders, better camera use, etc. Android is pretty good mobile OS!

Here are some of the new applications which are about to come in this year:

Chit Chat

You all have heard about Whatsapp application, the free messaging application that Facebook have paid $ 22 billion (that’s right, $ 22 billion) for the previous year.  And there is Facebook messenger tool, which was the most downloaded application. This new application is what you are looking for. This application allows you to send free text messages to your friends. Chit Chat is something like a chat room where you can log on and meet people from all around the world! Their goal is to provide a safe place to chat for people of all ages and to have fun while doing so.

Tell a Story

Instagram, Facebook and Tweeter are giving a quick sight into the lives of friends and strangers. The parts which include a nice party on the beach, smiling babies, beautiful sunrise or sunset, new places that are visited, etc). But what if you want to tell a long story?

If you are looking for an application that promises to let you share- “your stories, as soon as they happen” –  then this is an application for you! Instead of sharing photos, you can combine your photos, videos and words to share anything from a full recipe, to travel memories or a first-person documentary if you like it like that.

iPro Habit Tracker

If you are looking for establishing a new habit or trying to get rid of an old one, iPro Habit Tracker is the best application for your Android device. Using this application you will be able to create customized habits. Trying to get a positive new habit or to get rid of the negative – It is up to you. You can set reminders for your daily practice and put your own customized alarm tones and images.

Everybody is making money in order to survive so we need to keep an eye over our personal finances and how we manage it. If your goal for this year is to spend less money on the necessary things or you just want to have a better image where your money goes, try to download and use this application.